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Thursday, January 19, 2006

yes i realize this is by far not the most pressing issue in the world but i allow myself to be angry nonetheless:

WTF man?!?

about EVERYTHING, but right now specifically against the decision on the table of our grand Congress to cut CONSIDERABLE amounts of money from the budget supporting student loans... WTF.

I will make it through school somehow, I'm not personally all that worried about the gov. taking my money. In fact, please, take money from my pocket if it's going for a good cause (education, for example...) But the fact that "my" government will take money from my family to decrease a debt from government activities that I feel were prideful, hateful and inhuman just does not sit well in my stomach! And that is by far the least of my causes for concern...
What kind of government is it that preaches freedom and equality and then proceeds to cripple the people who are struggling for those very things? Many of the students who are affected will be poor minorities. Many will have to join the military, countless will have to drop out of school altogether (over 7 million people will be affected by this bill.) How is the government aiding itself and its people by pushing the oppressed poor farther down - DAMN! The reason they need loans is cause they're POOR - why can't you find some f-ing way to take money from the students who don't even need the damn loans!!!
can't we at least creep towards socialism?... please?
if not, then maybe humanity?


Blogger kirsten said...

HEAR HEAR!!! I couldn't put it better myself... Especially since I am poor and have no money as well and will need loans in less than 2 years... I love you, girl!!! Hopefully this won't affect you at all... I can hope that it won't affect me in the future... anywho... this is a very important issue, what are you talking about??? :)

8:10 PM

Blogger Lenny said...

The more educated the masses become, the more likely they will overthrow a corrupt government. However, if they are forced into semi-slavery via minimum wage jobs so they can pay the rent, afford insurance, or feed their families, they are simply too pre-occupied, too busy to think about sweeping changes in the government that has initialized this system.

By keeping the American masses poor and uneducated, it allows a corrupt American government to perpetuate its own existence. Ignorance is strength, from the Bush administration's point of view. Until the proletariat realizes the raw deal they are living, and has the collective courage to shatter their hollow existence, our leaders can do whatever they damn well please. For who will stand in their way?

1:48 AM

Blogger Elysia said...

Last year when the bush administration cut back a HUGE ammount of the grants given to poor and deserving students, i read in our student newspaper the justification for the cuts.
They said that by cutting back the grants they could raise the maximum ammount for some of the select loans, so that it would take burden off taxpayers... but not even by that much. If it weren't for those grants, I'd be in debt for a long time instead of just a few years... but no. I wish people would realize that even though you can cheapen our country for some immediate profit now, if you just invested a little, we would reap so much later. I mean, we already outsource so many of our low level jobs. If we just educate our country, we'll always be on the cutting edge of technology and business... hell, we would move faster towards creating machines that would do all those degrading labor tasks instead while we cure cancer.
I <3 Elizabeth!

12:44 PM


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