"- don't be so quick to knock it. People don't usually part with the weird shit they personally know because they know how easy it will be to punch holes in. Now I'm tellin you somethin. It's for you to poke through the soup and find the meat." John Patrick Shanley's 'the dreamer examines his pillow'

Sunday, November 20, 2005

just a little nostalgia...

beautiful, aren't they? i'm on an old picture kick - i'll post more tomorrow. we have a precious, crazy history. we were all pretty lucky.


Blogger Crystal said...

where did you get those? amazing! i didn't even know some of those pictures existed. oh and by teh way, i might kidnap you when you come home the day after thanksgiving (thank you nathan for that information). however, he didn't knwo when he was giving this info to me what my plans were...drat! now he does, well if he reads this he will...elizabeth, no telling! lots of love!

11:29 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

i love you crystal!! i actually got most of these from jen a long time ago - thank you darling :) and maybe you should kidnap me the day after I get back... my parents will probably chain me to the floor, at least for the first night. hehehe, crazy Daniels. Can't wait to see you!

6:57 AM

Blogger Elysia said...

So I'm hurrying to tye my shoes so I can nab breakfast and study before my midterm, so I sit down. As I lean back to tug them on a voice echoes behind me,
"I love you Elysia!"
So naturally I freak out and fall off my chair bfore I realize I accidentally sat on my bear. Somehow you reach me when I need it the most!

8:37 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

I think these were all parties I wasn't invited to. I hate you Elizabeth, and your exclusive parties.

Kidding. Love!

2:55 PM

Blogger kirsten said...

looking at these pictures makes me wish I was 2 years older... sadness! I hope to see you at least once while you're here, even though you'll probably be really busy... Gosh I miss you soooooo much! mucho love, mi mejor amiga!

7:00 PM

Blogger saphria said...

Love the pictures! I miss ya so much. I need I camera so I can show you guys some pictures. Hey what was that veitnam show called?

8:57 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

A Piece of My Heart. Good times - we got to kill Lenny on stage, what - twice, three times a night? It was great.

8:36 AM

Blogger Lenny said...

Yeah, I died three times a night. It was an uplifting experience.

My favorite picture is the top one with the mysterious lamp. What is going on there?

Futhermore, you're cool and stuff. Come hang out at my place sometime. All the time, actually.

8:08 PM

Blogger Megan said...

I love these pictures!! Oh they make me so happy. Thank you beth for sticking them on here. Oh the good times....let them continue to roll :-)

7:41 PM


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