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Saturday, April 09, 2005

a few things that matter a bit

neil is coming to ohio. are you jealous? of course you get to see him all the time :) but i am freaking out. very happy about this.
have you ever been at a point when you felt like you were on the edge of nothing? there's a whole lot of life ahead, but it doesn't mean anything. as always, we just keep walking. i'm waiting for the day someone tells me 'this is what you are supposed to be doing.' thinking that day will come makes all the days in between a little easier. heck, maybe it will come. no i take it back, it's not that it doesn't mean anything. it's just that so little of it means something.
i sat down next a friend of mine at lunch a few days ago. we talked for maybe two minutes, then i had to work on a script so he started talking to one of our other friends. then he turned back for a second and simply said "i love you."
those are the moments that matter. you touched someone else's life and they reach into yours. and moments with God, of which there are far too few for me. but they're there. i could write about this forever...
two nights ago: the first rehearsal for Swamp Baby (featuring the hallucinating green-skinned nymphomaniac, as Lenny darling so sensitively put it :) Lenny when are you coming out here?) i am blown away. It was like this huge event in my life, and this play feels like it’s growing into a canopy over my head (there’s no symbolism behind that, it just sounds like how I feel) –I’m learning a ton and experiencing so much already through this. and there’ve only been two read-throughs! I wish I could tell you all my little thoughts during rehearsal. Amazing. After we read through the play both nights, we had a long discussion about what we had discovered about our characters, what confused us about the play, what we wanted to work on, etc. It’s like this group of people collaborating on the show actually cares about the play. They want to get everything they can out of it, and there’s an ever-present awareness that it’s all a process. We can’t understand everything right now, so we slowly work our way through technicalities, character motivations, everything as it comes to us. I remember when I used to pick up a script and think, “ok, I have to get this perfect the first rehearsal or everyone will think I suck.” I’m really learning to be patient with myself. This is good.

It would really bless me if I knew you guys were out there.


Blogger Sarah said...

i am here. and i love you.

3:39 PM

Blogger Megan said...

me too... Mucho love-o happening here :-)

4:22 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

hey girl. i'm here too. and i'm uber-jealous of neil. i need to see you so badly. you have no idea how difficult it is for me to function without being able to see you everyday, or at least once a week or something. i'm so happy for you and that play. it sounds awesome. i'm praying for you!

5:30 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

Pick me! I'm here too! Love ya a lot! Hey, are you going to be in Ohio around June 17, 18, 19? We're going to be in Minnesota then and we might be able to come visit, if you're there. Love ya!

6:19 PM

Blogger Lenny said...

soon-ish :)

7:15 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

oh, my gosh. you guys, that means so much to me. it's kind of funny how important that was to me. heh.

yeah CC, please please please come! i'll be waiting for you :) you could probably come see a rehearsal!
lenny, no -ish.

9:54 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

Liz, I would really like to talk to you some time, I would appreciate your advice. It really would be a lot more convenient if you just lived here, so I wouldn't be mad if you decided to move back, like, now. Anyway, if you have a few minutes sometime soon, anytime that is, I would love to talk to you... 971-404-7632.

9:51 PM

Blogger Elysia said...

From a chocolate candy wrapper:

"Smile, you are loved."


(and you're way more awesome than the drama people at OSU!!!!)

3:59 PM

Blogger Elysia said...



8:43 AM


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