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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And then the world came crashing down...

In a good way! I think.

Well God, I hope you know what you're doing, because I sure don't.
Big News: I got the freakin role I wanted!!! YES YES YES!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! I worked my butt off for that role, and I am so excited!!!!! Only trouble is, it's in the middle of summer. So I probably won't be able to touch Oregon soil until mid - July. But that's ok. Kind of. I got cast, and I LOVE THIS ROLE! Guess what my name is? That's right, I'll be playing Lenny McGrath in Crimes of the Heart. I think it's a very good name, although it looks better on a certain Mr. Noller. I'll do my best to live up to it anyway.

The frightening news? There was another role I really really wanted - the lead in one of the three spring shows. Her name is Iriana. The play was just written, and it's juicy and challenging and raw and beautiful and the brilliant playwright will be working with the director and actors, changing the script as needed in rehearsals. I tried my best, but I didn't get the role, and I was okay with that. The girl who got it, Sara Alvarez, is absolutely amazing - she's this fiery little down-to-earth Junior, and she was perfect for the role. Since it's a new play, the whole department got together once it was cast and listened to the actors read through it on stage, so we can see how it changes from now to the performance. Yeah, she was great.
However, she got offered a four-month job at the Utah Shakespeare festival. She couldn't turn it down, so she had to give up the role of Iriana. And guess who the director wants to replace her?
Yes, I'm thrilled. But more than that, I'm scared Spitless. It will be the opportunity of a lifetime to work on a play like this, but
Holy Sausages, how could I ever live up to Sara Alvarez? The guy in the show Iriana is on stage with the most is one of Sara's dearest friends, in my opinion he's the most talented actor in our department, and he's always felt kind of awkward around me; how must he feel having to do this with me now? And there are some very disturbing scenes in the show... This is the most challenging role I have ever attempted - she's naive, but wild, almost animal-like, with a expressively sexual side. She sings haunting melodies she hears from the memory or ghost of her absent mother, and she has green skin - the play deals partly with racism. I will need to work a hundred times as hard to prove to myself and others that I have this in me, that I'm right for the role, even in the absence of Sara. I just need to get rid of this huge wall in my head that tells me I can't be good enough. That's the hard part.
No, it's all the hard part.
But what a priviledge...


Blogger Lenny said...

Frickin' sweet!

If you need any advice on what it is to be "Lenny" (for we are a rare and proud breed), please, do ask.

Furthermore, if you need advice on how to play a hallucinating green-skinned nyphmomaniac, well, I can help you there too.

5:35 AM

Blogger Ermine said...

WOOHOO!! Holy Sausages is right!! That is so frickin cool!! You make everybody proud that we know you! Soon I'll be able to wear a shirt that says something like "I knew Elizabeth Daniels BEFORE she was famous"

Oh, and I would listen to lenny if I were you, especially on the green-skinned part, after all, he does play one in real life...

7:03 AM

Blogger Megan said...

Oh Beth!! That is soooo freakin cool. I am so happy for you. You have nothing to worry about because I have seen you whip the butt of all the actresses I have ever seen. :-) I love you and that glorious heart of yours. MUAH!

12:03 AM

Blogger Megan said...

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12:03 AM

Blogger Elysia said...

You'n me girl. We're both going to make it.
I'm so proud of you. Take this opportunity that god gave you to fix the awkward relationship you started with.
When you work as hard as I know you will, they will at least learn to respect you, even if friendliness comes later.
Remeber, there's a reason you're in Ohio - keep it up!

6:58 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Elizabeth... there are no words.

Except these: There are times when I feel like a failure, and you always made that go away, but you're gone. So come back to me or I'll kill you. Haha, I am so excited for you and sincerely wish that I could see your show. If you ever get a video tape of it, or want to recite your lines to me over the phone, you just let me know. I am so excited for you, and proud, and amazed, have the best time, Liz :)

6:45 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

you people are the reason I'm here, you know that? There is NOTHING like Michelle's oh so loving threats that I miss so badly, Lenny's incredibly endearing quips, Ermine's hugs-in-writing, Megan using the word 'butt' - ok, Megan saying anything at all, and Elysia's soul-speak to brighten my face and my spirit. I love you!!

7:34 PM


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