"- don't be so quick to knock it. People don't usually part with the weird shit they personally know because they know how easy it will be to punch holes in. Now I'm tellin you somethin. It's for you to poke through the soup and find the meat." John Patrick Shanley's 'the dreamer examines his pillow'

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My apologies

I'm sorry about the inconvenience. I mistakenly told someone about my first blog that I don't particularly want to read my thoughts anymore :) Thank goodness fixing mistakes online is so much easier than fixing them in life!
If you don't mind, could you kind of sign in with your name in a comment, so I know who's on board with the new blog? Thanks!


Blogger Sarah said...


9:31 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...


12:35 AM

Blogger Lenny said...

I most certainly will not.

11:59 AM

Blogger Megan said...

i may be a little slow on the uptake, and u may not see this, but I know now! I love thee

7:49 PM

Blogger Elysia said...

Heheheh. You can't escape me!

8:46 PM


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