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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oh my, I love you Friends.
And more and more, I'm growing to love the people here, too.
I just wrote about this to Neil - sorry for the repetition, dude.
We've been together for four months, night and day, but I was so wrapped up in one person that I unwttingly missed out on the WONDERFUL, beautiful people right in front of me. One of them has grown closer to me over the past month, and I want to share him with you. Hopefully I'll get to share more theater freaks with you as the time goes on. This one makes me laugh.

Hello, I'm Jared Rigsby. (actually it's me, but shh.. I'm a really good actress, so nobody will be able to tell.)
Jared's kind of a skinny guy. OK, really skinny, but tall without looking tall and skinny. Just being Jared. He's got groovy dark hair that he never brushes, it just falls into place all wavy. It's like a mullet. Only better. He wear girls' jeans, cause he feels stupid and dumpy in baggy pants. However, he still wears them half-way down his butt. Naturally. Because he's still a guy.
Jared digs music like nobody's business. Good music. Ever heard of the Aussie singer Anthony Warlow? Him and Brad Pitt are the only two guys he would go gay for. Brad looks cool no matter what he does. That guy could be eating his own feces and still look cool. (direct quote from Jared - one of those moments when he forgot he was talking to a girl - or just didn't care) He never says 'excuse me' when he burps, cause he think it's stupid to apologize for something so natural. Social conventions - what? Mr. Rigsby has no time for such brainless sot. But he's truly a caring person. It just comes out different than most people. It's in the actions, like offering me a blanket and ice cream when we were all watching a movie at his house. (ice cream. Now there's the way to my heart. That's actually probably why he's my friend... mmm, ice cream.... )
He has a very deep voice, and he's got this electric energy going on inside pretty much all the time, but when it comes to decisions and life in general, he's like "eh, it's cool. whatever."
The Amazing Jared decided on a whim last year to try out for his school's production of Les Miserables (hallelujah! another Les Mis fan!! One night we spent four hours listening to and watching versions of Les Mis. Man, we are dorks.) And he got the friggin lead role. Out of nowhere. He had never acted before. It just "wasn't his thing." And he thought, hey, I fit here, I think I'll do this for the friggin rest of my life. What the heck. So he did two summer community theater shows (One of them was West Side Story - in which he got the friggin lead again) and then made it into Otterbein College. That's it. Just "I think I'll do theater now." And the world said, "OK."

So that's a snapshot of My Friend Jared. I hope you enjoyed him.
I'm auditioning today for a summer play (yeah, I'd have to fly back, but I'd get paid!!). I'm pretty positive I won't get the role, but I'm going to walk in there screaming "THIS ROLE IS PERFECT FOR ME!!" in my head, like they tell us to. Maybe it'll work...


Blogger Jennifer said...

i think i'd like to be friends with that boy.

11:56 AM

Blogger Lenny said...

Question: Do you want this new blog address to be put in my blog list or kept secret?

7:53 PM

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh Jen, you'd love this guy :)
Yeah, you can totally put it on your blog Lenny! Thanks for asking!

8:37 PM


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