"- don't be so quick to knock it. People don't usually part with the weird shit they personally know because they know how easy it will be to punch holes in. Now I'm tellin you somethin. It's for you to poke through the soup and find the meat." John Patrick Shanley's 'the dreamer examines his pillow'

Monday, June 06, 2005

Baby you can drive my car... yes, I'm gonna be a star

Today, I drove. Ah, what freedom. It's amazing how long we allow ourselves to live without any moments that give us true joy.
Sitting in my own comfy box of solitude, my favorite music just loud enough so I can sing without hearing too much of myself, cool air flowing over my cheeks and shoulders, complete control and the option of heading west and never stopping in the back of my mind. Just me and God here, and no one will interrupt us. Beautiful.


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